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Wednesday to Sunday 8AM - 11AM (Room service delivery $6)

YAMBA PRAWN STAR // 24.90 // 2 poached eggs with prawns, hollandaise sauce, salmon roe, radish and dill, on toasted sourdough

THE FUN-GUY  (V) // 21.90 // Mixed mushrooms, truffle oil, crispy kale and ricotta on toasted sourdough

HOLY CREPE! // 20.90 // Savoury crepe with ham, cheese, rocket, relish and a fried egg

AVO GOOD ONE  (V) // 19.90 // Smashed avocado, shaved asparagus, microgreens, basil cashew cream, dukkah and feta on toasted sourdough

RATATOUILLE SHAKSHUKA (DF) // 22.00 // Egg, capsicum, eggplant, zucchini, tomato, chorizo, spices, toasted baguette with harissa butter

CEREAL KILLER (V) // 18.90 // House made granola with oats, nuts and spices, vanilla panna cotta, seasonal fruits and strawberry coulis

TRUFFLE CROQUE MONSIEUR // 22.00 // French style grilled cheese sandwich with ham and truffle béchamel. Make it a Croque Madame (add a fried egg) +$3

BREKKIE BURGER & HALLOUMI FRIES // 24.00 // Bacon, 2 fried eggs, cheese, BBQ sauce and caramelised onions on a brioche bun

THANK GOD IT’S FRY-DAY // 24.00 // House made Polish potato and onion fritters, beetroot cured salmon garvlax, coleslaw of apple, carrot and red cabbage, sour cream, chives

LET’S GO NUTS (V) // 18.00 // House made crepes with Nutella and strawberries

BRIOCHE FRENCH TOAST (V) // 21.90 // Brioche French toast with brulee custard, raspberry coulis, berries and whipped cream

EGGS & BACON ON TOAST // 18.00 // 2 eggs cooked your way (poached, scrambled or fried +$2) with bacon on toasted sourdough and a side of tomato relish

SIDES available with meals only

Poached egg // 3.00

Ham // 4.00

Avocado // 4.90

Mushrooms // 4.9

House made potato fritter // 5.00

Chorizo // 5.50

Bacon // 5.50

Provencale tomato // 5.00

House cured beetroot salmon gravlax // 9.00

Halloumi fries // 12.00


FRESH OJ // 7.90

JUICES // 5.00

Orange, apple, pineapple, grapefruit, cranberry, pear or tomato


Vanilla, chocolate, caramel or strawberry // 8.00

Nutella, almond, maple, peanut butter, peach, coconut or passionfruit // 8.90


Yambanana // Banana, cinnamon, vanilla, yogurt, honey, milk

Mango Tango // Mango, banana, passionfruit, yogurt, honey, milk

Ra-Ra-Raspberry // Raspberries, banana, yogurt, honey, coconut water, cranberry juice

Add whipped cream +0.5


BLOODY MARY // 20.00 // Vodka, tomato juice, house spice mix, lemon juice

MIMOSA // 14.00 // Sparkling wine, orange juice

PEACH BELLINI // 14.00 // Sparkling wine, peach puree

ESPRESSO MARTINI // 19.00 // Vodka, coffee liqueur, vanilla, espresso


HOT CHOCCY made with melted Belgian chocolate // 5.50


Add whipped cream +0.5

ESPRESSO // 3.50

LONG BLACK // 4.00


MOCHA // 6.00

TEAPOT // 5.00 // English breakfast, earl grey, green tea, chai, peppermint or lemongrass and ginger

Extra shot, decaf  +0.8

Almond, soy, oat  or lactose free milk  +1

Mug upgrade +1

Syrup -  vanilla, caramel or hazelnut +0.8


Wednesday to Sunday 5:30PM - 7:30PM (Room service delivery $6)


Marinated olives (V,GF,DF)  // 8.00

Home-made focaccia, flavoured butter (V) // 8.00

Oyster, with champagne mignonette (GF,DF) // 4.90 ea

Oyster, with passionfruit and chilli salsa (GF,DF) // 4.90 ea

Salmon tartare, avocado, red onion, citrus, coriander, ponzu (DF) // 26.00

Fried squid in cardamom and clove crumb, sweet and sour dressing (GF,DF) // 25.00

Baked camembert, rosemary infused honey, caramelized walnuts, rocket, toasted sourdough (V,GFO)  // 24.90

Boulettes, baked beef meatballs with tomato coulis, basil pesto & smoked mozzarella (GFO, DFO) //  24.90

Hand cut beef tartare, on roasted bone marrow, truffle mayonnaise (DF)  // 28.00

Pork rillettes croquettes, with BBQ hollandaise sauce // 24.00

Chicken liver parfait, onion jam, toasted brioche // 22.90

Charcuterie board, chicken liver parfait, pork terrine and rillettes, prosciutto, olives, onion jam, cornichons // 38.00



Chargrilled Yamba prawns, prawn bisque, Caribbean prawn fritters, provencale tomato (GFO,DFO) // 37.00

Crispy skin barramundi, leek fondue, beurre blanc, herb oil (GF) // 38.00

Crab spaghetti, spanner crab, champagne beurre blanc, sun dried tomatoes, coriander and chilli // 38.00

Pumpkin gnocchi, gorgonzola cream, roasted pumpkin puree, smoky maple foam & crispy sage (V) // 34.90

Orecchiette pasta, with mushroom ragout, spinach, pesto, stracciatella, Parmesan (V,GFO) // 34.00

Raclette and Gruyère mac and cheese, with lardons & onions, served with a green salad (VO) // 33.90

Beef Bourguignon, traditional French beef stew, with truffle mash (GF) // 37.00

Confit de canard, confit duck leg with French ratatouille, orange jus (GF,DF) // 39.90

Lobster and prawn ravioli, lobster bisque, crème fraiche, Avruga caviar // 40.00

Confit de canard, confit duck leg with truffle mash, orange jus (GF) // 39.90

Steak frites, grilled beef tenderloin, hand cut chips, red wine jus or béarnaise sauce (GF,DF) // 40.00



Halloumi fries, aioli and tomato sauce (V,GF) // 12.00

Rocket salad, pear, parmesan, caramelized walnuts (V,GF) // 11.00

Roasted pumpkin with maple and Moroccan spices, labneh and almonds (V,GF) // 14.00

Truffle mash (V,GF) // 12.00


Crème brûlée (GF) // 16.00

Cookie Pie, butterscotch sauce, vanilla ice cream // 16.00

Chocolate mousse, chocolate ganache, cookie crumble, raspberries //16.00

Panna Cotta, with rosemary strawberry coulis, cinnamon crumble & pistachio // 16.00

Crêpe Suzette, crepes with a sauce of caramelized sugar, butter & orange // 18.00

Affogato, vanilla ice cream, espresso, Brookie’s Mac liqueur (GF) // 16.00

Cheese board: Maffra cloth aged Cheddar, Gorgonzola DOP Dolce, Kingfisher Creek double Cream brie

Served with house-made onion jam, caramelized walnuts, cornichons, honey, toasted sourdough and gluten free crackers (V) // 29.00

Dietary Information: V - Vegetarian, VO - Vegetarian optional, DF – Dairy Free, GF – Gluten Free.

Our menus contain allergens and are prepared in a kitchen that handle nuts, shellfish, gluten and eggs.

Whilst all reasonable efforts are taken to accomodate our guests’ dietary requirements, we cannot guarantee our food

will be allergen free and  the decision to consume a meal is the responsibility of the diner.

Card Fees: All card payments will incur a 1.9% surcharge. Weekend surcharge 10%. Public Holiday 15% surcharge.

No Split Bills.

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